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June 30, 2008

In-Company Training


By the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. (RIMS)
"I would recommend a RIMS customized program to any organization."

Jim Hogan, Manager
Tax and Finance
Lone Star Technologies

All our workshops can be custom-designed for in-house training for your group at the site you select

It is economical, convenient, and effective for us to deliver a customized workshop at your facility or a location that you select.

The Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.'s custom designed in-house workshops are a great value for your organization, whether you require a large group to be trained or only a few employees at a time.

This is an opportunity for organizations to develop managers sensitized to modern risk management.

Instructional Format: Hands-on, interactive sessions using case studies and exercises.

Workshops Available Upon Request

The following educational programs are available for presentation on-site in the United States, Canada, and other countries, to private and public sector organizations:

Techniques of Risk Management

Learn the techniques successfully used by risk managers today. This course delves into a broad spectrum of risk management areas- the risk management process, risk assessment, risk administration, risk control and risk financing- and offers practical applications and timely solutions.

Fundamentals of Insurance

Obtain a solid foundation of insurance from the elements of the insurance transaction to commercial property and commercial liability insurance. Get an overview of insurance as a risk financing method. Evaluate insurance options for commercial fire, machinery and boiler, ocean and marine, crime, and loss of income.

Disaster Planning/ Business Continuity Planning and Management

Managing the Disaster. Learn the elements of disaster planning and the principles of contingency planning . This workshop covers risk identification and management, with a goal of anticipating large-scale crises and taking steps to avoid or minimize their impact.

"We appreciated the courses RIMS did for us. The interactive style was refreshing and kept everyone involved."

Gilda Simpkin
Staff Development
AON Risk Services
Enterprise Risk Management

The workshop covers the essentials of the emerging enterprise risk management (ERM)
Approach to managing organizational exposures in a single coordinated framework. Participants will learn the foundation concepts that expand traditional risk management into an ERM structure. It will examine ERM benefits, obstacles, and best practices. Tools and techniques, such as risk mapping, are matched with applications. Participants discuss various models and approaches to risk identification and treatment in an ERM framework.

Risk Financing

A comprehensive explanation and review of the subjects and issues that a risk manager will encounter in designing and implementing an advanced risk financing program. Understand the financial and operational characteristics of various risk finance plans. Identify which plan(s) is most suitable for your organization.

Financial Aspects of Insurance Companies and Captives

An intensive coverage of the financial foundation of GAAP and regulatory accounting, insurance company cash flows, solvency and a special emphases on development and the successful implementation of captives.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

It tackles the key issues that link traditional risk management with the broader issues of organizational governance. It reviews the critical risks and fiduciary responsibilities of the board of directors and senior management. It also covers the stakeholders, regulators, and insurance companies that are effectively driving a risk management model for governance. Attendees will diagnose the governance structure and seek benchmarks and modern processes to improve governance.

Workers Compensation Management

Learn how to manage your workers compensation exposure and reduce your loss costs. You will receive an update of today's techniques for managing risks, ranging from managed care concepts to an aggressive return-to-work program analysis.

Mitigating Costs of Organizational Behavorial Risk

Whether addressing product liability claims, escalating health insurance premiums, employment practices liability rates, workers compensation, fraudulent business practices, or lack of due diligence with sexual harassment complaints, almost every risk exposure includes a behavioral element that can often be connected to management, employees and the entity at large.  Through this workshop, attendees will gain a working knowledge of the areas of behavioral risk and the policies, programs, and services that affect behavioral risk.  They will also identify the traditional risk management skills that can be utilized to quantify behavioral risks and create accountability and best practices. 

"The instructor tailored his presentation to our business and helped us all to better understand the role risk managers play within corporations. We were also able to better understand how corporate risk is assessed, managed and controlled."

Everette Fernandes
Director, Business Development
Runzheimer International Corporation
Commercial Property and Commercial Liability Insurance

Participants gain an understanding and knowledge of the key legal and structural concepts underlying commercial insurance contracts. The first day covers legal principles and requirements in property insurance contracts, including declarations, indemnity, conditions, endorsements, and exclusions. The second day covers the law of torts and contractural liability and examines various liability exposures including negligence. Each day introduces the legal issues underlying insurance contracts and the expectations of insurance buyers when they purchase coverage.

Alternative Risk Financing Techniques

This course is designed to provide practical, useful information on all aspects of alternative risk financing techniques. Savvy risk managers have learned to turn adversity into opportunity in hard markets using alternative markets.

Client and Insurance Broker Relations

This workshop will be of value to risk professionals who seek to improve and understand the relationship between an insurance broker and a risk manager. It covers the role of the broker assessing client needs, finding insurance coverage, and supporting the management of insurance programs and claim administration. It concludes with a review of broker compensation and the evaluation of broker performance.

RIMS Professional Education Department will also develop special programs. These programs can be taken from elements of topics listed above or entirely new subject matter based on your needs. We will conduct a needs assessment to ensure that the program fully meets the needs of our client. If you would like additional information, please contact our Director of Professional Development, for in-company, customized training by telephone 212-655-6045 or by e-mail click here.
Registration Costs

Two-Days: Two-days of on-site presentation with instructor services.
(Master set of hand-outs included)
One-Day: One day of on-site presentation with instructor services.
(Master set of hand-outs included)
Half-Day: One half-day of on-site presentation with instructor services. US$2,000

If there is extensive pre-course design and preparation, there will be an additional charge.

The client also covers out-of-pocket expenses, such as training room rental, audiovisual equipment, refreshments, duplication of hand-outs, and instructor travel (one round-trip airline ticket, hotel, food, and local transportation).

We recommend a maximum of no more than thirty participants to a program in order to keep it interactive and participartory.

Payment for program services must be paid to RIMS before the first day of the program.
Instructor expenses are billed to the client at cost following the program.

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