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I. Guidelines for Performance Expectations

Guidelines include recommended general performance expectations for handling business between Clients and industry partners, developed for each industry sector:

  • Commercial Insurance Buyers and/or Risk Managers
  • Insurance Brokers/Risk Management Consultants
  • Claims Services Providers (whether through the insurer or with a TPA)
  • Insurance Underwriters
  • Safety and Loss Control Services Providers (whether through the insurer or an independent service)

The Guidelines for Performance Expectations are not unwavering standards, but a set of guidelines from which the Client can select and use any combination of items in negotiating terms of agreements with industry partners. The document includes the definitions of the various guidelines, as well as examples of metrics for each of the specified guidelines. This is the basis for what is intended to be measured by each of the major categories (see III. D.).

ImageView the Guidelines for Performance Expectations.pdf Document