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III. Performance Measurement

ImageA. The Performance Satisfaction Measurement Tool will be used to assess industry partners such as Insurance Brokers/Risk Management Consultants; Claims Services Providers; Insurance Underwriters; and Safety and Loss Control Providers.

1. The Performance Satisfaction Measurement Tool will be developed as an indicator of performance satisfaction compared to expectations.
2. The Performance Satisfaction Measurement Tool will be administered by the RIMS Quality Advisory Council.
3. The RIMS Web site will be used to collect data and publish the results from the Performance Satisfaction Measurement Tool.

ImageB. Clients will be subject to one-on-one reviews by/with their industry partners. (Clients will be encouraged to provide industry partners with copies of the referenced Guidelines for Performance Expectations for this purpose.)

ImageC. All industry sectors will have the opportunity to utilize a performance measurement tool to measure satisfaction with the performance of each party. (The vendor-to-vendor part of the program will be developed further and is on hold at least until after the next Performance Satisfaction Measurement Tool is published.)

ImageD. The major categories for setting and measuring expectations will be as follows:

           • Trust and Reliability
           • Providing Operational Efficiency and Competitiveness
           • Identifying Customer Needs and Creating Solutions
           • Building Internal and External Partnerships
           • Developing and Providing Expertise
           • Engaging in Two-Way Interactive Communication

(To assist with recognition, the acronym TO SPEC has been coined by emphasizing the key element for operationalizing each of the six major categories for setting and measuring expectations.




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